Realistic personal flashcards. Easy to create on your phone or your PC.

Realistic flashcards you can edit on your PC.

CardCard is a fast, highly focused app for rapidly expanding your vocabulary in a new language.

Realistic cards


  • Practice using natural and realistic cards that age when you use them
  • Create your own decks and cards quickly and easily
  • For even faster creation, jump onto the nearest PC and edit your decks there
  • Test your knowledge with quick, easy tests
  • Control how you practice and how often to test
  • Share your best decks with the world
  • Two or more devices? No problem. Synchronize your progress across multiple devices.
  • No subscription fees, no recurring charges, no hidden costs and no ads
  • A strong commitment to your privacy: no social logins, no user tracking and (did we mention?) no ads -- just fire up the app and go (see our Privacy Policy)

All your cards in one place

Easy and familiar appearance

Supports any language that your phone supports

If your device can display the text of a typical webpage in your target language, cardcard can almost certainly display it.

Instantly start editing on any PC

Get a one-time password on your phone...

...then hop onto the nearest PC and start making changes

Let the app guide you through each deck...

...or select the cards that need immediate attention...

...then practice!

Lock down your knowledge with quick and easy tests

Customize the way you test

Customize the way you practice

Simple to use

Install right now!

We want your help! We built this app because we couldn't find an anything that did what we wanted most. We want to continue building the best flashcard app possible and we have much more to add. See a feature you really want? See something we could do better? Maybe it's not on our list. Don't stay quiet! Please let us know now!

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