Play the most addictive, winnable, tile puzzle game of all time.

An addictive, winnable game of skill and luck

Hexxen is so simple to play, but so challenging to master. A color-based puzzle that changes every time you play. Just master a few simple skills and prepare your brain for a major workout.

How to play

Just tap between any three tiles to start them twirling. As they twirl, if three or more tiles of the same color come together, they will self-destruct, awarding you with a flurry of points and an avalanche of fresh tiles.

Learn to spin tiles to destroy triplets

Every trio of tiles will spin. But only a few spins will trigger an explosion. Be careful! A good spin will unleash a long cascade of destruction. But a series of perfect spins will clean up the board, and feed you powerful opportunities.

Build rings of tiles to create a spinner

Create a ring of tiles and collect a special spinner as your reward. Tap the spinner and it will rotate all of its neighbors at once. It's the most powerful way to change the board in the ways you want -- and the only way to win.

Defuse mines before they end your game

Watch out for mines! When these dangerous tiles appear, you have a limited number of moves before they explode. Defuse a mine and you can use it later to destroy all tiles of the same color.

Build rings of spinners to create a black pearl

Create a ring of spinners and earn a super-rare black pearl. Black pearls are inert and only react to other black pearls. But they are critical to winning the game.

Join two black pearls and win the game

Are you ready to win?

Every game is an addictive race to win before a deadly mine ends your game or you run out of moves! How far can you go?

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